Egg donation is a wonderful family-building option. And while there are several factors to consider, such as your IVF clinic and egg donor, the expenses may be the biggest deciding factor for intended parents. 

In general, the costs for egg donation, including all agency fees, attorneys’ fees, donor compensation, screening, and insurance is around $18,000. However, there are elements to your journey that can decrease or increase your overall costs, such as whether or not you work with an experienced donor and the location of your IVF clinic. Circle does have egg donation financing options available for U.S. intended parents.

These are the standard costs. We have different estimates available depending on your location (in the United States or abroad) and your insurance coverage, if any. All of our rematch and refund policies are clearly spelled out in our Agreement for Services.

If you are already established with an IVF clinic, we are happy to coordinate with them. If you do not yet have an relationship with a clinic, Circle provides a wide choice of fertility clinics that have among the best pregnancy success rates in the country, varying in costs, locations and other options.

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