Will I have to travel or can you match me with local intended parents?

We work with intended parents who have chosen clinics throughout the United States. Where you travel will depend on the IVF clinic chosen by the intended parents. This is where you will most likely travel to twice. We will disclose that information prior to matching, so you will be aware of where the potential travel. We can certainly try and match you only locally, but that will decrease your chances of being chosen as an egg donor, and limit you to those couples working with an IVF center in your area.

How will I be matched?

We start the matching process when an intended parent expresses interest in working with you.  Our matching process is a reciprocal process.  We believe that egg donors should be able to decide whom they want to help.  We will send you a redacted version of the intended parents profile for you to review. We will also arrange a Skype call when appropriate (in a known egg donation). 

What are the differences between anonymous, semi-anonymous, and known donation?

The matching for each process is the same and you are able to review a redacted profile for the intended parents, as they are able to view yours. 

Known Donation: We can set up communication between all parties, and you can carry on the relationship to your agreed upon level of comfort. For example, you can meet and exchange information to be in touch in the future, if necessary, or can form a relationship and have consistent contact. Our social workers will discuss this further and answer any questions in your screening.

Semi-Known Donation: You donate your eggs and limit the amount of information that is shared. For example, you can decide that you don't want to exchange information but may want to meet in person at our office. 

Anonymous Donation: You would not have open contact or communication with the couple or single to whom you agree to donate. The contract would use only first names, and all information is exchanged through our agency. We ask that you keep our agency informed of all changes in your health history and keep your contact information up to date.

How do I know which kind of contact is best for me?

Once your application form is fully completed and you pass that portion of screening, you will be in touch with our Egg Donor Team for continued screening. They will help you decide which is best and what you are most comfortable with.

Does Circle Egg Donation do more known or anonymous donations?

We do more varying levels of known donations than anonymous.

I see on your website that you have a donor database. Do we have to have our information on the website?

No. You do not have to be listed in the database. But it gives our intended parents and many other families more opportunities to learn about you being their potential donor. This is a database that can only be accessed with a user name and password. We do not provide any identifying information on the database.