About Circle Egg Donation

Circle Egg Donation is one of the most trusted full-service egg donation agencies in the United States. Circle’s Founder and President, John Weltman, has been helping intended parents match with egg donors since 1995. Circle proudly puts an emphasis on personal relationships, and thanks to our staff of lawyers, social workers, program coordinators, previous egg donors, and other professionals, we successfully foster lasting connections between intended parents and egg donors.

We provide intended parents with an effective matching process that offers known donation, semi-known donation, and anonymous donation. While all types of arrangements are available, we strongly encourage known donation as we believe it is beneficial to the child’s healthy sense-of-self.

Intended parents can view our egg donor database, which is comprised of quality, diverse donors who are looking to help others build families. We have more than 300 in-house donors as well as 1,000+ donors available at our partnering agencies. All of our egg donors are mentally and physically screened to ensure that they are prepared for their journey with Circle.

Why Choose Circle Egg Donation?

Relationship-Building and Long-Term Support- We build relationships between intended parents and egg donors (if known/semi-known). This makes the process more rewarding to everyone involved, including the children, who can later meet the women who helped bring them into the world. 

Known Egg Donation- Although you are welcome to choose anonymous or semi-known donation, we believe that nothing is more important for the psychological and physical well-being of your child than having an egg donor who is available later to meet your child if he or she desires and to update you on medical history changes should they occur.

International Arrangements- Due to its favorable legal, societal, and medical conditions, the United States is widely considered to be the preferable country for egg donation among Europeans and other prospective parents from other parts of the world.

Affordable- While overall costs continue to rise due to higher medical, insurance, and egg donation fees, Circle has fought the trend by finding less expensive alternatives and financing packages in order to make the process more affordable than most full-service agencies.

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It has been several years since I was a donor with you. I have since donated anadditional 3 times here in WA state, (all successful, Yay). The experience I hadwith Circle was unlike anything else. I felt so informed and so comfortableworking with Circle. I remember wanting to donate and being so scared, but theCircle staff made me feel so at ease that I donated an additional 5 times!

-Jessica, egg donor

Thank you! Thank all of you!!!! Words can not describe the emotions that we feel. Each and every one of you added a very important direction on this wonderful journey. From the bottom of my heart to the top of the world... THANK YOU for our beautiful babies!!!

- C & C, parents through assisted reproduction