How do I get started?

There are two ways to get started. Some intended parents prefer finding an egg donor before committing to an agency,which is why we encourage intended parents to search for an egg donor on our online egg donor database.You can also start the process by scheduling a 30-minute consultation, which provides an overview of the process and information on our deposit program.

What is the consultation?

Circle’s egg donation consultations lasts approximately 30 minutes and provide information on the process of becoming a parent through egg donation. During the meeting, prospective parents speak with attorney and four-time egg donor, Gina-Marie Mariano Madow. At the end of the consultation, IPs can officially sign on with Circle and start the process or sign the deposit agreement. You’ll also receive a detailed email with complementary information for your review. Intended parents can schedule a consultation via Skype, telephone, or in our Boston office.

How do I select an egg donor? 

Choosing an egg donor is one of the most challenging choices intended parents will have to make in the egg donor process. Often, they will have an idea about certain traits they are looking for (hair color or eye color, for instance). But intended parents more often base their decision an egg donor’s responses on her profile. To view egg donor profiles in our egg donor database, you can request access here. When you find an egg donor profile that interests you, our Egg Donor Team can assist you in learning more about her and ultimately making a match with her.

Will I have contact with my egg donor? 

Circle Egg Donation's donors are open to having a phone call or Skype call with intended parents. Most of our egg donors are also willing to meet intended parents in person. You can  learn about an egg donor's willingness to meet you when you read her profile. These women are counseled on the importance of being open to talking with or meeting a child born from their donation in the future, should this be requested. Egg donors may also choose identified donation, where intended parents meet the donor but there is no exchange of identifying information. This allows you to remain confidential but still have a chance to meet your egg donor and make sure she is right for you.  

Are egg donors known or anonymous? 

Circle Egg Donation has always emphasized and encouraged known egg donation. In this arrangement, you and your egg donor learn each other’s names and have the opportunity to get to know each other.

We believe that a child knowing where he/she came from greatly fosters his or her  identity or sense-of-self. In addition, known egg donation allows you and your children to remain updated about the egg donor’s medical history as it changes over time.

However, we respect intended parents’ and egg donors’ right to choose to remain anonymous (or semi-known) and we counsel on issues related to anonymity. Ultimately, we find that egg donors often agree to be known or anonymous based on the preference of the intended parents, but the majority of donors who come to Circle Egg Donation are comfortable with a known egg donation. The most important thing is that all parties are comfortable with the type of arrangement pursued.

What is the difference between "Proven Fertility" and"Previous Donor"?

  • Proven Fertility: A woman has proven fertility when she has given birth to a healthy child using her own eggs.
  • Previous Donor: A woman who has completed a full egg donation cycle and fully understands what the process entails.

Our online egg donor database labels egg donors who have proven fertility and/or are previous egg donors. To learn more about a specific egg donor’s reproductive history, you can view her full profile and inquire by contacting us.

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